top 7 cryptocurrency exchanges + pros & cons

  • May 2, 2024
  • 10 min read

It is possible to buy and trade cryptocurrencies in a safe environment by receiving services only in reputable exchanges. In a safe exchange, the user can easily buy or sell digital currencies by paying in fiat currencies, and whenever you want, you can cash out and receive your capital with a few simple clicks. Currently, users can trade digital currencies both in Iranian exchanges and in reputable foreign exchanges. The important thing is that some exchanges operate internationally and have more users and volume of transactions, such exchanges support more cryptocurrencies and users have an easier task in transactions and receiving services.

Features of a good and reliable digital currency exchange


For a digital currency exchange to be valid and reliable, it must have certain features so that users can trust it and invest their capital in it. It doesn't matter if it is an Iranian or foreign exchange, in any case, some basic features are necessary to be able to trust a digital currency exchange and benefit from its services. The most important features that can be mentioned are:

The high number of users


One of the most important features of a good exchange is the large number of users and high volume of transactions. In fact, the more the number of users who use an exchange, the higher the volume of transactions will be. Such conditions are especially important in volatile market conditions and make users' orders to be executed without any problems.

Strong Resume


The history and development team of the exchange are also other important features that should be paid special attention to. Undoubtedly, a digital currency exchange that provides services to its users for a long time without any problems, and its production team also has a clear and successful track record, will be more reliable than other exchanges.



To finance their expenses, digital currency exchanges charge a fee for user transactions, the rate of which is different depending on the policy of each exchange. Some exchanges take a small percentage of their transactions as a commission to satisfy the user. Some of them have also considered special plans to reduce this cost as much as possible. Therefore, a foreign digital currency exchange that charges a lower commission rate would be a better choice.

Other features


Ensuring security and respecting user privacy, supporting a large number of digital currencies, no restrictions on depositing and receiving cryptocurrency, good user interface and similar things are other essential features of a reliable exchange for conducting digital currency transactions.

The best digital currency exchanges


Many exchanges inside and outside of Iran provide services to users interested in cryptocurrency. These exchanges have all the features of a valid exchange. In the following, we introduce the best digital currency exchanges in Iran and outside Iran.

Binance exchange


Binance exchange is one of the most famous digital currency exchanges that has more users than other exchanges. This exchange was established in 2017. From the very beginning, Binance focused on low fees and support for various cryptocurrencies, and for this reason, it quickly became popular among traders.

Currently, more than 90 million users use Binance exchange services to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies. The same thing has caused Binance to have the largest volume of daily transactions among all foreign digital currency exchanges.

In this exchange, it is possible to trade more than 350 different cryptocurrencies, which will increase over time. The popularity of Binance is so high that it is usually revealed when a new cryptocurrency is added to Binance. It causes a sharp increase in the price of that digital currency.

Binance exchange features:

- The most popular digital currency exchange in the world

- More than 90 million users from different countries

- Support for more than 350 different cryptocurrencies

- Being user-friendly

- Support for the futures market, margin trading, deposit and various other sectors

- Low fees

- Mandatory authentication and the need to change identity

Kucoin exchange


Kucoin exchange can be mentioned among other popular international exchanges. This exchange is one of the international exchanges that provide services to Iranian users despite the sanctions against Iran. Support for buying and selling more than 700 different cryptocurrencies and a simple and practical user interface are other reasons for the acceptance of the Kucoin exchange among users.

Currently, the Kucoin exchange has more than 20 million users from 200 different countries, and according to the official website of this exchange, one out of every four digital currency traders operates on the Kucoin exchange.

Like Binance, the Kucoin exchange has various sectors, and in addition to the normal buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in the spot market sector, you can also operate in the futures and margin trading sector. In addition, users can also use the intelligent trading robots of the Kucoin exchange.

Features of Kucoin exchange:

- The possibility of buying and selling more than 700 well-known and lesser-known digital currencies

- Appropriate trading volume with more than 20 million users

- It has a futures and margin trading section along with the possibility of depositing

- Support for intelligent trading robots

- Attractive user interface

- Support for more than 20 different languages

. CoinEx exchange


This exchange should be considered one of the favorite international exchanges of Iranians. Despite the great popularity of this exchange in Iran, this exchange does not have many fans among users from other countries of the world, and if we look at the list of the top digital currency exchanges on various sites, it is difficult to find a name of Coinx. In terms of facilities, the CoinEx exchange has good conditions and users can buy and sell more than 600 different cryptocurrencies. In addition, Quinx also supports futures and margin trading, and you will not feel any shortage in this regard.

Advantages of Coinx exchange:

- Support for more than 600 different cryptocurrencies

- Flexible fees

- Suitable for spot market, futures and margin trading

Bybit exchange


Bybit exchange is more popular with future market users. For this reason, people who are looking to open long and short trading positions and want to profit from the market fall, use the services of this exchange.

We should add that regular transactions of cryptocurrencies in the spot market are also supported by Bybit exchange, but there are not many of them compared to other introduced exchanges. In addition, it is possible to trade in margin, deposit and other sectors in Bybit exchange. In terms of age, although this exchange cannot be considered one of the old exchanges active in the digital currency market, due to the establishment of this exchange in 2018, it has managed to attract more than 5 million users during this period.

Advantages of Bybit exchange:

- No need for mandatory authentication

- Suitable for futures trading

- Different rewards for new users

- Has more than 5 million registered users

- Low fees

- The possibility of buying and selling more than 250 different cryptocurrencies, including fan tokens

Ok Exchange (OKX)


OK Exchange is another well-known exchange for trading various cryptocurrencies, which has been operating since 2017. This exchange was known as OKEx in the past. In this exchange, it is possible to buy and sell more than 350 different digital currencies. For traders for whom the rate of exchange fees is of great importance, OK Exchange is an excellent choice. This exchange ranks its users based on various criteria. In OK Exchange, the fee rate for normal users can be reduced by 0.06%. This rate is much lower for special users.

Another good feature of OK Exchange is its futures trading section, which has a very high trading volume. For this reason, those who are looking to open short and long trading positions and cannot use other exchanges can easily operate in this exchange.

Advantages of ok exchange:

- Ability to operate by changing IP and without the need for mandatory authentication

- High trading volume in the futures sector

- Flexibility of the fees received from the user

- The possibility of buying and selling more than 350 different digital currencies

- Significant profits in the cryptocurrency deposit department



For those who are interested in the cryptocurrency market, using the services of a reliable and high-security digital currency exchange is very important and actually ensures capital security and success in this market. In this article, we introduced the most reliable Iranian and foreign digital currency exchanges. To choose a good exchange, you should pay attention to points such as security, high number of users, strong service and support, etc. In this article, we covered all the tips you need to choose the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

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