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AI-Powered automated trading

Smart, precise and fully automated

Profitable trading strategies on TradingView.

How it works

How are Navixa trading bots built?

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Our strategy foundation is based on insights from over 30 international traders and tailored through in-depth market analysis.



The selected ideas are developed by our team of expert programmers and subjected to rigorous back-testing.

  • This process generally takes between 6 months and a year to transform an idea into a viable strategy.
  • Strategies with a win rate of over 80% are advanced to the next stage.
Back-testing & AI

Back-testing & AI

The developed strategies are thoroughly tested across different markets and timeframes using Navixa's exclusive AI system.

Final Review & Release

Final Review & Release

In the last stage, our experts optimize the strategies with the final AI data. Once they achieve a win rate above 90%, they are published on Navixa.

    Why Navixa?

    The key advantages of Navixa's automated trading bot

    Fully Automated

    Automated trading without any human intervention!

    Valid and Reliable

    Achieving an over 95% win rate, as verified by TradingView!

    Risk Management

    Advanced risk and money management system!

    Fully Customizable

    Ready to customize for any market or timeframe!

    For Any Budget

    No minimum capital requirement to start!

    For Any Level

    No special expertise is required, perfect for traders at any level!

    Start Automated Trading

    Set up your bot now!

    Easily set up your automated trading bot in under an hour with just a few clicks!

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