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AI-powered auto trading crypto bot

+95% win rate verified by TradingView.

One click to start your trading bot

Profit & efficiency combined!

Use AI and data analysis for informed trading decisions & effectively manage risk.

trading strategies

Set and forget – the bot handles trades.

Easy setup allows you to deploy and start the strategy quickly.

  • Simple setup enables immediate strategy activation.
  • Tailor the bot's parameters to your risk tolerance and trading goals.
  • Backtested with extensive historical data to demonstrate reliability.
  • Employs sophisticated risk management strategies to minimize potential losses.

Just 3 steps to start

Follow these 3 steps to get you started as a modern, data-driven trader:

Choose strategy

Select your preferred strategy based on your trading style.

step one

Contact us

Send your selected strategy and TradingView ID via Telegram.

step two

Setup and start

Your strategy will be activated in your TradingView account within 24 hours.

step three

what makes Navixa different?

Some of Navixa auto-trading strategy features:


Fully automated: just set and forget.

Accurate Trades

Powerful analytics for more precise decision-making.

Test the Past

See how your strategy would have performed in the past.

Private & Secure

No access to your accounts or exchanges is required.

Manage Risk

Control your risk with advanced risk management tools.


Customize your AI strategy to match your market and timeframe.

Track Progress

Monitor your bot's performance and fine-tune as needed.

Easy to Use

No expertise needed: suitable for traders of all levels.

Frequent Questions

Some of your most frequently asked questions are answered below.

The Navixa trade bot is an automated trading crypto bot with AI-powered trading strategies designed to minimize risk and enhance trading accuracy.

Nope! The Navixa auto-trading bot lets you start trading with any budget.

Absolutely not! Neither the Navixa team nor the bot itself requires access to your account or exchange information.

No, you can do unlimited automatic trading by simply renewing your plan.

No special trading experience is needed, as the bot handles all the trading. It's suitable for everyone, from beginners to those with advanced trading experience.