shiba ino, a meme coin with most Interest and attention

  • May 4, 2024
  • 12 min read

everything about shiba inu coin + how to buy

Shiba Inu is a type of decentralized digital currency that appeared in the cryptocurrency market in 2020. This digital currency was created by a person named "Rei Oshi" and is one of the most famous meme coins in the market. Familiarity with Shiba Ino currency, its features, future market and its price can be very effective in analyzing the market of this cryptocurrency. If you want to know what Shiba Coin is and learn the important points related to it, stay with us.

What is Shiba Ino digital currency?


SHIBA INU or SHIB is one of the decentralized digital currencies that was created in 2020 by a person named "Rei Oshi". The name Shiba Inu is actually derived from the name of a Japanese breed of dog whose image is used to represent Dogecoin, another digital currency.

The interesting thing about Shiba Ino is that this digital currency is considered one of the least valuable digital assets and the price of Shiba has always been less than one dollar. However, it holds 0.73% of the total market and is the 14th most popular cryptocurrency. Shiba's daily trading volume is $1.73 billion. Due to the low price of this digital currency, buying Shiba Ino currency is possible for most people and is considered a good option for investment.

In general, there are 589.74 trillion Shiba currency units, of which a high percentage of 549.06 trillion is in circulation. Binance exchange holds more than 16% of the trading volume of this currency and is considered the most active exchange for buying Shiba currency.

Increase your knowledge about Shiba Inu


Shiba Coin is a cryptocurrency inspired by Dogecoin. In the early years of the emergence of this digital currency, many people confused it with Dogecoin. But it is interesting to know that this digital currency is known as the killer of Dogecoin because in 2021, Shiba Ino was able to experience an unprecedented rise in price and surpass Dogecoin.

Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether, Shiba Ino does not have a high price and is mostly used for entertainment, low-value financial transactions, and quick-return investments. In fact, Shiba Ino is considered a kind of memecoin.

What is the concept of memecoin?


Coins that are known as memecoins are more of a joke and entertainment, and when they become popular in social media and cyberspace, you can earn money from them. Dogecoins are a good example of this. These digital currencies are decentralized and have no backing. For this reason, the most important factor in price increases or decreases is attention to supply and demand in the market.

Shiba Inu is an interesting choice in the world of cryptocurrencies


In the beginning, we mentioned that a person named "Rei Oshi" first presented the idea of making "shiba inu". This person has been a trader in the digital currency market for a long time and is known as a main supporter of the decentralized financial and economic ecosystem in this market. "Rei Oshi" was opposed to the fact that many tokens of digital currency were available to its developer, and this opposition made him design a new currency called Shiba inu. According to the designers of Shiba Inu, all the tokens of this digital currency have been released to the market, and not even one token is in the hands of its founders, due to the distribution of all tokens in the market, everyone can have an equal share of participation in this ecosystem.

The most important thing that should be mentioned about the Shiba Inu currency is that no cost has been spent on its development and construction, and this currency has certain rules and features.

Rei Oshii rules for Shiba cryptocurrency


The Shiba inu currency entered the crypto market with three main rules. If you intend to invest in this currency, you must know its rules:

1) The person who created this digital currency did not pay anything for it. The goal of this person was to answer the question of whether it is possible to create a project in the world of cryptocurrencies without any cost.

2) The creation, development, and offering of SHIBA INU was initially carried out on the UniSwap exchange. No one owned tokens at first and these people like other traders bought Shiba Inu tokens after launch.

3) At the same time, no money was spent to launch the Shiba inu project, and no special plan and capital was made to promote and introduce this token in the exchanges.

Why is Shiba a meme coin?


Memes are jokes and images shared on social media that are designed around a specific topic over time. Therefore, the basis of meme coins is based on jokes and laughter. So, as the name of meme coins (meme + coin) suggests, they are digital currencies whose origin is closely related to internet memes. For example, Dogecoin, the most famous meme coin in the market, was originally inspired by the popular Shiba dog meme and a joke on the nature of Bitcoin. We should mention that so far more than 80 meme coins are listed on CoinMarketCap and many of them are imitators and followers of their big brother Dogecoin.

A look at the history of the Shiba Inu


Rei Oshii, the creator of Shiba Ino, said in an interview that the idea of Shiba currency came to his mind when he was talking about the cryptocurrency market with one of his friends, and when he discussed this idea with his friend, he welcomed the plan. has done.

In the first step, Ray Oshie's friend creates an Ethereum currency pair smart contract in the Shiba UniSwap exchange and deposits 10 Ether into it. In the next step, Rei Oshi transfers 50% of the total Shiba tokens to the token supply smart contract and pours the remaining 50% into another wallet for token burning.

After making these preparations, Shiba has become famous and welcomed in the market, and its price is experiencing an increasing trend.

Vitalik Butrin and its connection with Shiba Inu

Over time Shiba Ino became more famous and many crypto market enthusiasts were attracted to it. At this time, Ray Oshie transferred the remaining 50% of the currencies to Vitalik Buterin's wallet.

What will be the future of the Shiba currency?


Like other digital currencies, it is not possible to talk clearly about the future of Shiba Ino currency and give specific answers to the questions surrounding it. In fact, there is no definite roadmap for it, and the project has been completed with the transfer of tokens to the Vitalik wallet by Rei Oshii. The founder of Shiba Ino said about the development of this project:

- People active in cyberspace and social networks help this issue by talking about SHIBA INU.

- Digital exchanges will help the development of this currency by placing this currency in their list of cryptocurrencies.

- People who are active in the field of blockchain and digital currency development can present their ideas for the development of Shiba Ino.

The price of Shiba digital currency and its economic dimensions

Shiba Ino is traded on the Ethereum blockchain and "Vitalik Buterman" is the person who owns the most Shiba Ino digital currency. Although the positive return of this digital currency is significant from the time of its creation to the highest price that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, has had a positive return of 1 million percent.

Which wallet is suitable for Shiba Ino currency?


SHIBA INU is an ERC-20 token; For this reason, it is possible to store it in all Ethereum network wallets. The best wallets that can be used to store Shiba Inu are:

- (Trust Wallet)

- (MyEtherWallet)

- (Coinomi)

- (Ledger)

- MetaMask

How to buy Shiba Ino digital currency


UniSwap was the first decentralized exchange that offered this digital currency and made it possible to trade it. Over time, other centralized exchanges made it possible for those interested to trade this digital currency. The most important exchange that supplies Shiba Ino is Binance exchange. In addition to the mentioned items, the following exchanges are also active in Shiba Ino trading:

- Exchange (Huobi)

- Exchange (Kucoin)

- CoinEx exchange

Shiba ecosystem and its currencies


SHIBA is a decentralized ecosystem where various tokens such as SHIBA, BONE and LEASH are its currencies. In general, there are 100,000 LEASH tokens and 250,000 BONE tokens.

Shiba Ino and the world of Metaverse


Metaverse can be considered the most popular trend these days in the world of technology. Rumors show that Shiba Ino also plans to enter the Metaverse world and play a role in its financial transactions. It should not be forgotten that Shiba Inu is considered the most popular meme coin and many investors are interested in buying and selling it.

It is even heard that the exclusive metaverse of this currency has been published and a person with a history named "William David Welk" with 36 years of experience in the digital game industry has been hired for this work. Shiba seems to be aiming to have a more serious presence and gain more credibility than the jokey and fun side of it.

A look at Shiba Inu prices in the future


For many investors, there is a question of what the price of Shiba Inu will be in the future. Although it is possible to have expert opinions and analyze the future of this currency, it is not possible to give a definite answer about the progress of this currency. To date, this coin has experienced ups and downs and is currently far from the highest price it has ever experienced.

Although some experts believe that this digital currency does not have much value and has achieved a series of successes due to advertising. But it should not be forgotten that this currency has gained a lot of popularity among traders and it cannot be denied that its investors will increase in the future.

Shiba Ino is developing every day and is more active than Dogecoin and trying to achieve more success. Surely, with the development of Shiba Ino's exclusive metaverse, it will be more popular and valuable



In this article, useful information about the Shiba Inu currency was provided for those interested. This digital currency is much less valuable than Bitcoin, Ether and other digital currencies. Not only the risk of this category of tokens is very high, but they have no valuation model. In fact, it is the community of investors who give value to these memes, otherwise meme coins, including Shiba Ino, have no special value and efficiency. However, due to its popularity and possibility of growth, there is a possibility that it will be among the main coins in the coming years and gain more success and value.

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